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The Center for National Truck and Bus Statistics (“CNTBS”) reports that bus vs. car and bus vs. pedestrian accidents are the most common fatal bus related accidents. These accidents can be caused by driver negligence, dangerous roadways, bad weather conditions, inadequate security, defective products and poor bus maintenance.

During the 5-year period 2004-2008, on average 310 buses were involved in a fatal traffic accident. Buses owned or operated for a school district were the most common operator type, accounting for 39.3% of all buses involved in fatal crashes. Urban transit authority buses represent the second most frequent bus type for fatal accidents, averaging 32.1 percent. In 2008 there were 366 persons killed in crashes involving a bus; 6 of them were bus drivers, and 86 were passengers on the bus. Other vehicle drivers and passengers represented the largest source of fatalities with 179 (48.9%), and non-motorists represented 94 (25.7%) of the fatalities. Of the non-motorist fatalities, 77 pedestrians and 16 bicyclists or people on personal conveyances were killed during 2008 in accidents involving buses.

It can sometime be difficult to determine who caused a bus accident. Generally, the bus company is responsible for injuries in bus accidents involving:

  • Inattentive or negligent MTA drivers
  • Abrupt stops that cause standing passengers to lose their balance
  • Poorly maintained buses
  • Hazardous bus stops with icy steps, cracks in the sidewalk and other safety hazards

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