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Medical malpractice, or medical negligence, is defined as the failure of a physician, nurse, or other medical provider to comply with the standard of practice for his or her specialty. This standard applies to doctors, nurses, therapists, chiropractors, hospitals and clinics. Medical negligence can result in a broad range of serious injuries such as birth injuries, broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation complications and even wrongful death.

According to an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), over 225,000 people die each year due to medical malpractice and nearly half of these are from emergency room errors. Medical malpractice has become the third leading cause of death in the United States, after deaths from heart disease and cancer.

The JAMA article also broke down the following medical malpractice statistics:

  • 12,000 deaths/year from unnecessary surgery
  • 7,000 deaths/year from medication errors in hospitals
  • 20,000 deaths/year from other errors in hospitals
  • 80,000 deaths/year from infections in hospitals
  • 106,000 deaths/year from non-error, adverse effects of medication

A study of prescribing medication errors in teaching hospitals detected an estimated 3.13 errors for each 1,000 orders written, and a rate of 1.81 significant errors per 1,000 orders. Dental malpractice claims have also increased. Medical malpractice can also occur outside of a hospital room. Six to ten percent of psychiatrists surveyed confessed to having engaged in legally improper sexual contact with a patient.

Do Not Believe the Hype About Medical Malpractice Claims Driving up the Costs of Medical Care.

While medical costs have increased by 113 percent since 1987, the amount spent on medical malpractice insurance has increased by just 52 percent over that same period of time. The cost to society in terms of disability and health care costs, lost income, lost household production and the personal costs of care are estimated to be between $17 and $29 billion. In contrast, the medical liability system costs $6.7 billion annually.

Examples of situations giving rise to medical malpractice claims are:

  • Failure to diagnose serious medical conditions
  • Misdiagnosis and improper treatment
  • Birth injuries
  • Pharmaceutical/prescription drug errors
  • Surgical errors and other medical errors (ie operating on the wrong arm or wrong leg)
  • Nursing home abuse and negligence
  • Denied health care

Medical malpractice cases are complicated, difficult, expensive and often lengthy. If you’ve been injured as a result of medical malpractice, our Minneapolis Medical Malpractice LawyersAttorneys can help. We will fight to make sure you receive full compensation for your losses, and we will to go to trial to fight major hospitals and insurance companies if necessary. Let us take care of every detail so you can concentrate on the most important part – getting your life back.

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