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Every year school buses provide transportation for some 24 million students and collectively travel more than 4 billion miles. Considering these numbers, deaths on the roadway from school bus accidents are extremely rare. Indeed, school buses have a rate of 0.2 deaths per million miles traveled. The rate of deaths in automobile accidents – crashes is eight times higher. But no matter how impressive these statistics sound, they pale when we hear the name of even a single child who has been injured in a school bus accident, especially when that injury could have been prevented.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a school bus is the safest motor vehicle on our highways. This claim is hard to believe, however, when more than 10,000 children are injured in school bus accidents each year. Some are injured while riding the bus, but in many cases, they are hit by the bus.

According to the National Safety Council, over the past few years, about 70% of the deaths in fatal school bus related crashes were occupants of vehicles other than the school bus and 20% were pedestrians. Of the pedestrians killed in school bus related accidents, approximately 77% were struck by the school bus.

It is also alarming that despite all the advanced safety features available today on new cars, the basic design of the Large Yellow School Bus has not changed since 1977. The most troubling issue associated with school bus safety is their lack of seatbelts.

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